My experience of Richard Smith around communication is that he is mindful and present and holds a strong yet compassionate space for me to share whatever is on my mind and my heart. He listens to me and truly hears what I’m saying, no matter what the content. I believe this to be possible because he respects my feelings and my words, so can allow them to “just be” what / as they are. I feel safe to share. I am greatly appreciative of his presence in my World.
Janetmarie, Business Owner
Richard Smith knows how to get to the heart of the matter, his workshops are full of love and compassion. His great advice and information has helped guide me with challenging situations in my life! I always leave his workshops feeling enlightened!
Susan, Workshop Participant / Coaching Client
Richard has been a mentor to me for over five years and the tools he has given me are life long lasting and easy to access in difficult times. They have had a profound positive effect on my life. Before our work together I had deep and chronic depression that I wasn’t sure I would ever shake. It was a secret I kept from others which only made the depression worse. Through our work together I came clean with my loved ones of my internal struggles, I learned to accept even the most wounded parts of myself and have found my ground. I am now a leader in my professional and personal communities where I am able to use my past experiences as valid and valuable anecdotes when working to affect change or accept what is. Richard comes by this work naturally, genuinely and honestly having found ways to use his own experiences to help others love themselves. It feels good to be an effective, loving, genuine part of my various communities and I owe much of that to the work Richard and I have done together over the years.
Deborah, Coaching Client
Richard Smith and the work he did to help our company was invaluable because we were spending more time putting out internal fires between employees and owners rather than concentrating on growing the business. This was affecting our bottom line and we were extremely inefficient which translated into terrible and non-productive communication.
The work Richard has done with The Human Craft has given us the tools we needed to resolve conflict in a healthy and honoring way; fear is at the root of most human conflict and Richard has a keen, intuitive ability to understand that and bring some awareness to it which most people are afraid to deal with on their own. He allows each person to come to their own awareness without any judgement. He really walks what he talks; and, any company can benefit from his program because he teaches you how to work on any relationship (work or personal) that needs support. Our company wouldn’t have survived without his help.
Sharon, Business Owner