Richard C. Smith
Richard C. SmithDirector of Humancraft

Richard Charles Smith is a fearless student of his own internal truth. He loves to celebrate people in their diversity and works with them to help them discover their own inner light. He created The Human Craft as a vehicle for doing his work.

Over the years he has studied with other internal thinkers like Werner Erhardt, Randy Revll and Paul Solomon. He’s worked with At Risk Youth, social service agencies and manyy organizations needing teambuilding assistance, customer service training and management skills. He also coaches individuals to assist them in recognizing and experiencing their own magnificence.

Some of my highlights

Some of my favorite projects have had to do with assisting others in improving the quality of their day to day lives. Between 1984 and 1986 I was instrumental in creating a program to positively impact the lives of “At Risk” youth in my home town. This included raising a quarter of a million dollars and enrolling 400 volunteers to assist at a 10 day wilderness program and provide ongoing support during the one year follow-thru designed to cement the new possibilities for the participants.

I have presented Team Building and Communication programs in businesses and Social Service agencies over the last 15 years.

I also have been intimately involved in the ongoing process of applying what I’ve learned to my own life experience.

The highest accomplishment in my life has been to break through the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, brought on by my time in the military and in Viet Nam. Through a lot of hard work I have learned to open up and allow myself to feel and enjoy my life, while allowing others to be a part of my experience, without having to be guarded all the time.

I started “The Human Craft” over 20 years ago to realize the dream of having a job that made a positive difference in people’s lives.

I crossed another item off my “Bucket List” when I self- published a book of my poetry in 2011.

I believe that, if I am to be an effective guide for my clients, I need to allow them to discover as much of their own path as they can. With that in mind I endeavor to gently guide in an atmosphere of safety, respect and acceptance, asking questions that stimulate thought and awareness for those I work with.

I encourage my clients to step outside the “Cocoon” of their usual thoughts and feelings and to be open to the possibility that they can create a more joyous and fulfilling life, if they are willing to do the work to get there.

Garage Pic 1I my spare moments I enjoy reading (Mostly science fiction/fantasy), riding and working on older motorcycles, writing poetry, listening to music, meeting new people and, last but not least, spending time with friends.


The Vision of The Human Craft

Who we are, as individuals, is the common denominator in every interaction we have in the world. Who we are and how we show up colors our lives as we discover and navigate our path through life. The Human Craft was created from a vision of assisting individuals, groups, team and communities in recognizing and experiencing the gifts that we all bring to our world as we show up as truly realized and unique human beings.

With this vision in mind, I invite you to join me in the ongoing adventure and exploration as we practice the “Craft” of being human.